Sunday, 27 September 2015


After being accepted into the Access All Asos programme last month, I was super excited to be contacted for our first collaboration...

For a long time now Asos has been my favourite online retailer, my absolute go-to when I need something new to wear and my first port of call when checking new in sections every morning. So when I was contacted for a collaboration, I can't tell you how excited I was! It's an amazingly fulfilling feeling to be able to work with brands I buy from all the time!
Tomorrow, after a long three months off, I (reluctantly) go back to university to finish my Psychology degree and in conjunction with this was asked by the Asos team to style up an outfit suitable for going back to University. For me Uni is all about comfort, long days of sitting in often not so comfortable or warm surroundings means that knitwear is essential, as are the bloggers nightmare, the dreaded tight. As much as I often despise the way black tights photograph, and as much as I would have rather have shot this look without said tights, I would be lying to both myself and you all if I had! For one, I go to university in York, which is absolutely freezing ninety percent of the time. And two, I would get some seriously funny looks turning up to October lectures in bare legs, believe me! Suede is of course set to stay for autumn/winter, and I had been lusting after some khaki pieces, so this pinafore is the perfect one for me.



  1. So cool I love the circle buckle, just a perfect nod to the 70s trend. The pinafore is so cute

    Anna | aforvogue

    1. Thanks lovely! I love the belt too, It adds that little touch :) x

  2. love it

    my blog

  3. Love this look!

  4. That khaki suede pinafore just looks stunning on you. Perfect colour to contrast the rib knit x

  5. Mmmm YEP! I am in love with this whole outfit. I'm on the programme too ❤️❤️❤️
    Bee |

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