Sunday, 10 May 2015


 Suited and booted (well heeled) in my latest look featuring this Lauren Pope for In the Style suit...

 I apologise profusely for my absence over the past week, my 2nd year University exams are in full swing and I haven't quite found the right balance time-wise to get everything done! Safe to say I literally cannot wait for the end of June for some free time.

Today's look is a simple basic, something I think every girl needs-a suit. If you've followed me for a while you may have seen a black suit look I did back in winter, so now here is my summer edition! Suit's are huge this season, and are the perfect 'don't want to wear a dress again' piece, something a little different! This one is from Lauren Pope's newest collection for In The Style, and comes in at a really reasonable price. Obviously if you asked any man they'd say 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to a suit, so  I wouldn't expect too many wears out of this one before it starts to look a little worn, and I must admit it didn't travel well, but after a good iron I think it came up lovely!

Also just a quick mention to something the fellow bloggers may be interested in. A couple of weeks back a friend I knew from Instagram posted on her twitter account that she was looking for bloggers for a magazine article and to email for further details. I popped an email straight across to her (of course-being in print is literally every girls dream!) to find out some more. Claudia now writes for Essex Style Magazine, and is just starting a full page spread feature for a 'blogger of the month' and I will be the blogger for July! So if you're interested in putting yourself forward for the August edition, get in touch with Claudia, you can find her on twitter (@claudiaarosa) or email her over on


  1. Minimalistic and chic! Lovin' it! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie!

    I'd like to invite you to enter my birthday giveaway!! (US addresses only though.) See you on my bloggie soon!


  2. cool look, love the all white with the black heels!

    1. Thank you lovely! These heels are my current fav! X


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