Wednesday, 17 December 2014


 Hello my lovelies, I'm back!! So sorry for the random disappearing act I appear to have done for the past fortnight, all can be explained. Those of you that follow me on twitter and/or Instagram will know that hastily after finishing university for Christmas, myself and my lovely boyfriend shot straight off to Paris for a sight-seeing and festive fun filled trip. I had the BEST time, literally the most amazing. From seeing the stunning sights of central Paris (going up the Eiffel tower and notre-dame were of course highlights, If not a little scary!) to taking a day trip to DISNEY, it was the most fabulous trip that's left me feeling uber festive if not a little sad to be back in Britain. As much fun as I had, and as nice as it was to have a welcome break away, I'm so glad to be back into taking outfit shots again as I have so much coming up to show you guys.

Today's look is a typical casual day for myself, thankfully the arctic weather has seemed to wear off for the last couple of days so I've been able to get away with not wearing great big winter coats. The eagle eyed of you may in fact recognise this cape to be a scarf I used in a previous post, it's so multi-wearable! I'm also wearing my new favourite over the knee boots. I spotted these beauts on a fellow blogger way back at fashion week, and was never able to get my hands on them until only last week! I'm obsessed with grey tones at the moment, so they're the perfect fit for me. If you're looking to purchase them, I would say they are a must at only twenty pounds (crazy I know!) but the only word of warning I have is that they are slightly wide around the knee/thigh area, so at certain angles they aren't the most flattering!! Look for good poses and all will be fine haha.
Grey Over The Knee Heeled Boots-Primark



  1. Lucky you! Paris looks amazing...

    I'm living the cape/scarf x

    1. Ah thank you so much hun! Xx

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