Thursday, 30 October 2014


Thursday is one of my favourite days, so close to the weekend! It's also one of my quieter days at university so that's always extremely welcome. Today I just about managed to get some pictures of my outfit before it got too dark, the location is slightly more built up than I normally like but I think it works nicely. My neighbours already think I have a shopping addiction, my poor next door neighbour already takes in nearly all of my parcels, and spot me popping in and out constantly outfit changing, so at least today they got a first hand view of what I'm doing! They probably think I'm even more nuts now they've seen me having a mini photo shoot on my drive, but oh well haha! BIG hi to any of my neighbours if you're reading this!

Today's look is definitely what I'd like to call 'comfy luxe'. One of my new favourite things to do is pair a tailored item with a majorly relaxed item, I love the juxtaposition of a chunky knit and a smart trouser, plus it's majorly chilled! For those of you that follow me on Instagram you'll have seen this knit before, I literally cannot get enough of it. Once again I saw my bae and overall supermodel mega babe Kendall Jenner rocking a jumper similar to this, only I'm damn sure hers wasn't £14.99 from H&M!Not that I'm complaining, the quality is actually amazing for such a mega cheap price. And it's not only Kenny Jenny that's been seen in this style jumper, the it colour of the season 'oatmeal' is everywhere right now, in every magazine and on every fashionista on the planet, so I'd grab one while you still can!  I'm also wearing my absolute favourite heels for this season, they're just SO FLUFFY! (Insert heart eyed emoji here) I can't get enough of all things fluff, fur and feather this season, so if you see anything you think I'd like be sure to let me know!


  1. Damn girl you look amazing <3 and you're totally tempting me to get the jumper although it's clearly unneeded in my country which is summer all year round!


    1. Ah thank you so much my lovely! So sweet of you, and haha I'm so jealous, I'm in desperate need of some sun! xxx


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