Sunday, 31 August 2014


 So the holiday posts are officially over, today is the last day of August (seriously WHERE has the summer gone this year?!?!) so the let the autumny outfit posts begin! I've said it before but I'll say it again, Autumn/Winter is forever my favourite time of year. My girlfriends, my brothers and my own birthdays all come in the next two months, as well as my favourite occasions Halloween and bonfire night and then of course Christmas!! (Apologies to those that are bah-humbug but expect some serious 6 year old excitement from me once December comes, I am obsessed with Christmas). But another reason I love this time of year is and always has been the fashion. There's something about the rich colour scheme, animal print, metallic and fur that just gets me every time.

BUT alas, it is only just September (tomorrow!) so for now I'll stick to just a hint at autumn outfit, whilst keeping that last of the summer edge. Today's outfit in jam packed full of goodies that I've been meaning to blog for a while, but what with being away for a while have only just got round to it! This AMAZING FLUFFY co-rd from Missguided is an absolute dream. Fluffy jumpers were big last year but this baby is just so so perfect. In fact my best friend pointed out to me that it's also the perfect winter 'night out' outfit, keeps you warm whilst still being uber stylish. I've paired it here with the coat of the season, the duster, in one of my favourite autumn shades this year, this gorgeous khaki! And of course I've finished off with the newly famous Public Desire Heels (which I picked up at the launch party for their new website which I shall link below, but more about that coming to you lovelies soon!)

For now though you lovely girlies can get 10% off all orders on Public Desire using promo code: BLOGGERPERKS




  1. I've been after this co-ord for the last few weeks, it's so pretty and I just love the look of the texture :) those shoes are beaut too!

    Louise /

    1. It's so so soft in real life too Hun, a must have purchase id say! I want the pink as well haha. And awh thank you my lovely :) xx

  2. this is amazing! I am just so in love with your shoes!


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