Friday, 30 May 2014


Hi lovelies! Sorry I've been a little bit distant from blogging these past few days, I'm at the final stage of uni exams with my last one up and coming this Wednesday, so after then I will be hopefully spending a lot more quality blog time!

Anyways on to today's post, a bit of a different one today! After Coachella in April I haven't been able to stop wishing summer would hurry up. And after Radio 1's big weekend this past weekend I think its safe to say festival season is upon us. Festival season is one of my absolute favourite times of year in terms of fashion, the term 'anything goes' comes to mind. Its the only time of year you can get away with having flowers in your hair, face paint and wellies without looking a little bit of a nut case.

With the huge amount of festivals imminent, I thought I would put together a list of festival essentials.
Arguably the most important item you will ever take to a festival right? As much as i would love to sit here and select an array of glamorous studded or fringed biker boots, they just aren't practical for a UK festival because lets be honest, chances are it will chuck it down within the first 45 minutes of being there and the entire place will turn into a giant mud bath.
From right to left, top to bottom: Pink Hunter Wellies, Burgundy Vivienne Westwood Wellies, Metallic Silver Hunter Wellies, Black studded Burberry Wellies, Watermelon New Look Wellies, Black bow Joules Wellies. 
Now this one may be a little more controversial, I've found that the bum bag is the accessory equivalent to marmite, you either love'em or you hate'em. Well I for one love them, they're big enough to hold everything you need whilst being uber practical, I mean hands free is just perfection right? Means you have enough hands left for a drink in one and your camera in the other.
 From left to right, top to bottom, Giuseppe Zannoti bumbag (£790), Emilio Pucci bumbag (£908), Riverisland bumbag (£20), Riverisland bumbag (£20), Moschino bumbag (£395), Nasty Gal bumbag (£25)
Whether its floral, metal, feathers you name it, you need to have it on your head this festival season. There are so many different styles of accessories that are on the high street at the moment that would look super cool and make you stand out from the crowd.

From left to right, top to bottom, Rock and Rose feather headdress(£29), Topshop Floral crown (£19), Miss Selfridge gold head chain (£9), Miss Selfridge spike headband (£9), Topshop silver head chain (£13), Topshop floral headband (£12).
Ok so you're pulling your accessories together, what's the main key accessory that you need? A super sleek festival ready watch of course. I mean who wants to miss their favourite band cos they don't know the time? The perfect watch for summer comes in the form of these super beaut neon coloured limited edition Olivia Burton watches.
From left to right: Olivia Burton colour crush watch 'lime and gold' (£58),  Olivia Burton colour crush watch 'teal and gold' (£58), Olivia Burton big dial watch 'gold and neon pink' (£72), Olivia Burton colour crush watch 'neon orange and gold' (£58) and can be bought at
If the suns out, chances are you wont be too bothered about applying sun cream because you're too in the festival 'I don't care' mood, so you're gonna need some kind of thing cover up. Keep on trend by wearing a floaty or fringed kimono. On the other end of the ever changing UK weather spectrum, it could be pouring it down (more than likely), in which case you're gonna want some kind of waterproof, although preferably not a pac'a'mac from 2003!
From left to right, top to bottom:Topshop yellow raincoat (£57), Wanda Nylon raincoat (£518), Monsoon Kimono (£49), Glamorous clear raincoat (£30), H&M fringe kimono (£30), Asos metal raincoat (£68)

Whichever festival you're all going to, I hope you have the best time! Can't wait to see all the festival looks.
Ellie x


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that last week I decided to get a bit of a new hairstyle. Well as you can see my hair is still long and exactly the same as it was before, my hairdresser cancelled my appointment! Safe to say I was gutted, but a new appointment has been made so not long before a nice change. Now onto this gorgeous metallic sweatshirt that was kindly sent to me from the lovely ladies at Lavish Alice. These pictures don't do this beauty even half of the justice it really deserves! I love the snake print effect, it adds a different texture which makes it really fun to style. Lavish Alice have some stunning new pieces in for spring/summer that are simple and mega stylish which is perfect for throwing on for a casual look.
Bag-Forever 21
Ellie x

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Excuse the major overexposure, I chose a really bad time of day to shoot this pictures so I apologies for my casper the friendly ghost appearance! I am loving this all black combination, feeling very Kylie Jenner Coachella 2014. This is definitely a look that I would wear to a festival or that kind of event! The obligatory chunky boots leather jacket combination is of course a must and obviously the key accessory for a festival, the floral crown. This beauty was kindly sent to me by the lovelies at the 'treasure chest accessories' and is so beautiful, definitely will be getting a lot of wear over the up and coming summer months.
Chiffon shorts-Topshop
Biker Boots-Topshop
Ellie x

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hi lovelies! Can't believe we're already mid-week again, time seems to be flying by. Although I must admit the sooner the end of this year of uni the better, I'd much rather time slow down for now as I'm still feeling extremely unprepared for some up and coming exams. Anyways on to this look! I shot these pictures In my local park (hence the title) as a bit of a change of scenery. Some of the lighting isn't too fab (sorry about that, I'm stood under a giant tree) but overall I think I can just about get away with it. This co-ord was sent to me from the lovely ladies at Beach Melba, they custom design and hand make all of their items, which include not just summery co-ords like this one, but also an array of kimonos and other summery bits! Also if you'd like to purchase anything from the site, you can use my followers discount BEACHFRIENDS20 to get 20% off, happy shopping!
Denim Jacket-Primark
Ellie x


Saturday, 17 May 2014


Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you've all got exciting things planned for this extra sunny weekend. This playsuit was kindly sent to me by the lovely ladies at 'In the style' and is from the new collection by Lauren Pope from TOWIE. I have to admit TOWIE is one of my guilty pleasures, its just so entertaining! Its been lovely to see how Lauren's love for fashion has grown from the show into her own line and there are so many lovely bits and pieces, I would definitely recommend. Just a quick note, if you are a tall gal like me (nearly 5ft 11) then I would suggest going up a size to avoid any bum cheek flashing haha.
Leather Jacket-Topshop
Ellie x
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